Is Finding Your Sustainable Signature Style Like Finding Love?

There is a special kind of magical renewed energy around the New Year, one that gives us hope, a time for real change, growth, and self-improvement. So for 2022, why not give yourself the gift of a new sustainable personal style, value your unique individuality in the New Year, after all, “style” is just a way of expressing yourself through clothing and accessories. Stop chasing the latest trends and spending money on throw-away fast fashions. Give yourself the gift of finding your style built on a foundation of sustainability, a new fashion mentality of eco-consciousness that is good for the planet and you!  

So where to begin? Where to shop? Is trying to find your new sustainable signature style more like trying to find true love? You want your relationship with sustainability to be like falling in love with your soulmate, a relationship built to last, one that is authentic and makes you feel exhilarating, confident, and loved!! So let us play matchmaker and help you on your journey in the New Year!

3 Secrets to Finding Your True Sustainable Signature Style...

  • Shop Sustainable - We hear and see daily about the effects of climate change wreaking havoc on the earth and causing problems for people globally. We all want to do better and do our part which is why you being eco-conscious when you shop is so important. Responsible designers and brands like O2 Monde understand and acknowledge their socioeconomic and environmental impact. A cruelty-free vegan Italian Italian luxury shoe brand that is a great place to start building your new sustainable style. 02 Monde is elegant, luxurious, stylish, and versatile in your wardrobe. The shoes that make the world a better place, now that’s where to begin.

  •  Find Fashion Inspiration - Wear the change you want to see, find inspiration that resonates with you, search out ethical brands, and see how they measure up. Search on social media and check out celebrities whose style you admire, maybe family members who are style inspirations. O2 Monde hopes to be a style revelation for you to live consciously from head to toe….specifically the toe part. Several celebrities have found true love wearing O2 Monde’s luxury vegan shoes, Rita Ora, Angela Bassett, Krysta Rodriguez, Viktoria Konefal, Lovi Poe, Ebru Salli, and Carolina V Marie to name a few.
Lovi Poe for O2 Monde
  •  Experiment with unique style choices -  Most stylish people have a few key styles that work for them, that they look best in, so it’s all about what works for you. Your style will evolve, what has worked for you in the past?  What is your style personality, lifestyle, what makes you feel that you are presenting the best version of yourself to the world?  Because of course, we all have different body shapes, tastes, perspectives, goals, habits, and personalities there is no one sustainable style personality that will fit all. Experiment with new style choices and stop playing it safe and trendy, Take risks and have some fun but remember to begin you only need a few new sustainable, quality, pieces that you won’t regret and will elevate your style O2 Monde will give you the inspo-vibes you need to start the New Year with eco-friendly luxurious new touches to your sustainable signature style in 2022, true love awaits.