Our Factory

O2 Monde shoes are handmade in Italy at small, family-owned factories. We exclusively work with premier manufacturers and suppliers who share and embrace our values to ensure that everyone in our supply chain is paid a living wage and provided an ethical, healthy work environment.

Strategic Partners

The art of footwear has always been at the center of Mirco Scoccia’s life. Growing up in his father’s shoe factory, he began his training at his early age and learned the quality behind fine Italian craftsmanship. He expanded his mastery throughout his career at Bottega Veneta, Belstaff and Tory Burch. Having the chance to partner with various levels of production throughout Italy, Mirco studied the nuances of design and construction. 

With O2 Monde, it became imperative to call back on his experiences and handpick small boutique factories that could partner with him on this new venture. Chosen for their atelier-level of detail in their artistry and the specificity of their work, each factory focuses on a single style of shoe. From Florence for sandals, to Marquis for boots and sneakers; every atelier has a long history of honing their craft, passed down from generation to generation.

Design & Development

Having begun his career as a footwear designer and pattern maker for luxury houses, Mirco maintains a hands-on approach to his design process for a smooth and seamless modus operandi. Draping each of his materials like fabric, the founder drafts each style by hand in his studio to achieve the perfectly refined silhouette. It is through this design development and keeping a pulse on each step of production that he is able to minimize corrections between the factories. The constant stream of collaboration between the studio and the factories keeps waste to a minimum for a streamlined approach to assembly.

Edited with a discerning eye for timeless design, each style is crafted with precise minimums. Keeping the overproduction and overconsumption of today’s retail landscape in our rear view mirror, we minimize excess stock in order to never destroy product. Each season’s unique arrangement of styles are collector’s items which will stand the test of time with an ethical mindset.


At the core of every pair of shoes is a dedication to the planet and to quality. From the raw materials to the samples to the final product, each step is carefully handcrafted by artisans with generational knowledge of luxury production. Through the preservation of their heritage, along with a passion for preserving the planet, we work tirelessly to ensure that each pair of shoes is meticulously designed from the finest of innovative plant-based skins. Part and parcel to creating styles of quality with a sustainable mindset, is ensuring that the factories that employ these artisans are providing ethical working conditions and a livable wage.Each stage of the supply chain is scrupulously vetted to ensure that our shoes have the smallest of possible impacts on the environment. 


Crafting an exceptional pair of shoes is the most arduous of all accessories. With more than a hundred steps to create a single pair of shoes, luxury footwear is steeped in the art of precision to achieve the perfect fit. 

Sourcing every single component of each pair of shoes from a variety of suppliers, O2 Monde’s dedication to sustainability does not stop at finding excellent vegan leather. From discovering water-based glues, to sourcing sustainable backs, each element of a pair of O2 Monde calls back to the brand’s ethos to benefit people and the planet. Every element is scrutinized under the lenses of quality and its environmental impact. However, with our passion to build a sustainable future, we are always seeking out to shift the paradigm towards conscious consumption. Through tireless research and collaborations across the industry, O2 Monde continues its mission to innovate the fashion world through modern materials and cutting edge standards in production.


Every pair of O2 Monde shoes starts and ends in Italy. From the sourcing of materials to the final lacing, each pair of shoes is sent directly from the hands of our skilled craftsman to our customers. This level of simplicity speaks to our dedication to quality and our commitment to the environment. We streamlined our processes to provide our customers with a boutique-level experience and relationship to ship their orders faster and more sustainably, thereby reducing our carbon footprint.

By keeping everything in house, minimizing needless and harmful shipping, O2 Monde is able to provide shoes of quality and substance for an accessible price point. Simplifying our production while retaining an atelier-level of craftsmanship with our collective future on this planet in mind is at the very core of our values.