Image of sneakers and moccasins made with Pinatex vegan leather in silver and gold

Welcome to the O2 Monde journal. A big part of our mission, besides creating cruelty-free and expertly crafted vegan shoes, is to spread the word about sustainability and ethics and help create a better future. Because of that, we have included a journal with our e-commerce website – so that we can share the information that drives our business with you.

Here, you will find articles about sustainable fashion, eco-friendly living, some of the most pressing environmental and ethical issues of today, living a plastic-free lifestyle, alternative ways of living that are helping the planet, and more. We hope to spread awareness about some issues that worry us and also offer easy solutions that can make the world a more eco-friendly place. 

We will also share exciting articles and interviews that have been written about us so you can learn more about the brand all in one place!