Dining al fresco at an Italian piazza

Words by Kristina Schulz

Communicating in the native language of the country that travelers are in is important to do, as best as we can. Let us imagine that we are greeted in various foreign languages, while we are in our country that we are from - which is what often happens in popular areas like Paris, France; Barcelona, Spain; Positano, Italy; and beyond.

Many travelers that eat a completely plant-based diet are aware of how important overcoming the language barrier is, especially at mealtime. Today at the Journal let us prepare for a visit to Italy by learning a few important phrases that let vegans cherish the Italian lifestyle as well.

Italian Vegan Pizza

Let us start with what people that eat plant based say at almost every restaurant, anywhere:

"I eat vegan" translates to "Io mangio vegano"

The vegan diet is not known by everyone, and in case the host or server does not know what you mean, then you can say:

"I do not eat dairy, eggs, or meat" | "Non mangio latticini, uova o carne"

Here are important words for everyone to know:

"Hi" | "Ciao"
"Thank you" | "Grazie"
"You are welcome" | "Prego"
"Nice to meet you" | "Piacere di conoscerti"

In case Italy is on your travel list, you can share this language list with a loved one or save the list for yourself!

Vegan gelato

Since O2 Monde has roots in Italy, we plan to deliver additional content on what Italy has to offer.

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