Image of Billie Eilish featured on Wall Street Journal

Celebrities have contributed to a rise in the popularity of plant-based diets, but finding stylish vegan shoes is still challenging. Here are the innovators in this growing market.

Article by Rory Satran

The Wall Street Journal lists O2 Monde's founder, Mirco Scoccia as an innovator in the growing plant-based fashion market, in the Life & Arts section on the thrice-monthly column, Off Brand, that delves into trends in the fashion and beauty industry, highlighting celebrities like Billie Ellish’s influence in making stylish vegan shoes mainstream.

"A former lead designer for Bottega Veneta, Mirco Scoccia, just launched the vegan shoe line O2Monde. Mr. Scoccia became disillusioned with the waste involved in traditional shoemaking, and decided to start experimenting with plant-based materials. He makes a pretty pump made partly of certified wood, and a flat of woven straw"...

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