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By the Fashion Team 

In honor of Earth Day, we've rounded up the best labels for eco-conscious shopping.

By now, sustainability in fashion has become far more than just a buzzword. What started as an intermittent trend has turned into a full-blown movement, an ethos that all companies have had to adopt in one way or another, especially in a time of hyperawareness over issues like climate change, animal welfare, fair trade, and waste. Increased accountability is undoubtedly great for everyone, not least of all for the conscientious shoppers among us, who no longer have to look far and wide for sustainable options.

A number of brands, from pioneers like Maison de Mode to noteworthy newcomers like Thierra Nuestra, are creating good-for-the-planet clothes and accessories that we actually want to wear. Whether you're in search of a vegan shoe designer or have committed to buying upcycled only, T&C has curated 40 labels you'll feel good about adding to the shopping list—just in time for Earth Day [...]

O2 Monde checks every box: stylish, vegan, handmade by artisans in Italy with plant-based skins. On top of that, 1% of their profits are donated to 1% for the Planet


Image of Founder Mirco Scoccia holding a Pair of Brigitte heels

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