Sustainable And Ethical Engagement Rings To Say "I Do!"

Thinking of popping the question, well selecting the perfect engagement ring is not an easy undertaking. Decisions, decisions, finding the ring that completely embodies and reflects your style, and personality all while being the perfect, notable accessory you can wear every day. So regardless if you're choosing the ring together or by yourself, for that special person you’ll want to get a ring that’s as beautiful and unique as it is good for the environment. Believe it or not, most engagement rings are anything but sustainable and ethical and come with a dark past. For those socially and environmentally conscious couples, a sustainable, ethically sourced engagement ring is a must, albeit much more challenging to find than the traditional rings that flood the marketplace.EngagementBut what is an eco-friendly ring, and how can you be sure the ring you select is kind to nature and made with love? There are two essential factors you need to consider when shopping for an ethical and sustainable engagement ring: the stones and the metals. You must confirm that both the metals and stones being used were procured in a way that is both planet and people-friendly. Ask about the sourcing of the diamond, are they fair trade and conflict-free, any recycled metals are used? If the jeweler or brand can not name the origins of the ring, then you cannot be sure the ring is ethical and eco-friendly. You should avoid conflict or blood diamonds, a truly ethical brand will not have a problem being transparent and will appreciate your environmental and social consciousness. Most brands will be forthright and more than happy to share all the information regarding sustainability, supply chain, and sourcing.Engagement ringsReprocessed stones from antique or vintage rings are also a great option to consider, reusing an older ring is the epitome of recycling and reduction in your environmental impact. You can start with an older ring or family heirloom and have it reset in recycled metals of your choosing for a new and glorious ring with an interesting and ethical history. RingsAnother way to go to be sure that your diamond choice is ethical and conflict-free is by going the lab-grown diamond route for your ethical and eco-friendly engagement ring. A lab-grown diamond is chemically, optically, and physically the same as mined diamonds and will provide you with a 100% conflict-free solution that is less detrimental to the environment.DiamondsOne carat of mined diamonds equals nearly 100 square feet of disturbed land and close to 6000 lbs of mineral waste. One carrot of lab-grown diamonds disrupts just 0.07 square feet of land & only a pound of mineral waste. 


So back to the decisions and where to shop for that perfect ethical and sustainable ring needed while proposing. We’ve found a great selection for you to browse all while avoiding brands with bad environmental or human rights records. The brands curated on our list have initiatives such as using only recycled metals, lab-grown or ethically sources diamonds, and supply chain transparency. There are ethical rings for every budget and style and are confident you’ll be spoilt for options! 

  • STEFANO NAVI - A third-generation family jeweler who has been evolving in the diamond world for more than four decades. They offer affordable luxury with lab-grown diamonds, that are ethical, eco-friendly, and most importantly- gorgeous! Their stones are virtually indistinguishable alternatives to earth-mined diamonds. They also offer customization beyond what you see on their website and a Home Try-on Kit that you will love. Ethical lab-grown diamonds, recycled, fair mined gold, you can’t go wrong.
  • LILY ARKWRIGHT - An online engagement ring company that specializes in moissanite and lab-grown diamond jewelry. The brand is passionate about providing sustainable and ethical pieces along with fine British Craftsmanship with free and insured global shipping. They also offer advice from their expert Jewelry consultants and help with any questions or concern.
  • TAYLOR AND HART - The focus is on creating the perfect, personalized ring in a consultation process, you’ll design the ring of your partner’s dream all while using ethically sourced diamonds. They also offer a lifetime manufacturer warranty on your dream one-of-a-kind creation! Recycled gold, fairtrade gold, and platinum, ethically sourced diamonds, along with diamond traceability. 
  • VALLEY ROSE - Their mission is to create truly unique and beautiful engagement rings that honor the earth. Valley Rose specializes in handcrafted fine jewelry using certified ethical metals and the world’s first sustainably rated diamonds. In addition to their custom engagement ring service, there is also a range of gorgeous ready-to-ship designs. All purchases receive free insured global shipping, and 14-day returns, and also fund tree planting and sustainability causes. 
  • MEJURI - Featuring conflict-free diamonds, their beautiful engagement rings speak to a modern sense of style steeped in glamour. They make luxury accessible with prices that don’t include mark-ups. Fairly mined recycled materials and full supply chain traceability. 
  • VRAI - Vrai’s diamonds take sustainability to the next level by offering carbon-neutral diamonds. These diamonds are grown in the US using hydropower to ensure they don’t harm the environment. You are also offered a lifetime of care with complimentary cleaning, resizing, and prong tightening to make sure your ring is always perfect for you.  
  • CATBIRD - A wide range of conflict-free and recycled diamonds which are molded into unique, eye-catching engagement rings unlikely to be found anywhere else. The vintage stones are placed in gorgeous settings, meaning they have a minimal impact on the Earth. Catbird offers complimentary one-on-one appointments, in person or virtually- whether you're looking for styling or sizing advice, the perfect gift, that ring for that special monument. They are here to help with it all.
  • AURATE - 100% recycled gold, ethically sourced diamonds, handcrafted in New York using local craftsmanship, offering a lifetime guarantee. The rings are designed and handcrafted in Manhattan with sustainable materials and are ethically sourced. Their fair pricing promise ensures you aren’t subjected to the high mark-up process traditional retailers add to their products. 
  • JAMES ALLEN - Founded in 2006, James Allen will ensure you get the ethical engagement ring of your dreams. Offering conflict-free and lab-grown diamonds within a wide price range. If you already have an heirloom diamond, you can add it to one of their beautiful settings with ease. Free shipping worldwide, lifetime warranty, over 200,000 + certified conflict-free diamonds to choose from all photographed in 360-degree HD.
  •  SOPHIA KAMAN  - A wide variety of styles with a nod to old-world grace and elegance, a fusion of antique and modern references. The finest in sustainable materials and the desire for stylish wearability have long provided the spark in Sophia's work and the vision of her brands. Whether you want to be certified conflict-free, lab-grown, or vintage diamonds, all can be placed in your preferred setting. Fun fact, Sophia Kaman offers engagement quizzes to help you make the right decision. 
  • We hope you found the list helpful and if you need to pair your ethical jewelry with a pair of vegan jewel shoe: the O2 Monde Brigitte will be the perfect match!