Stylists Going Green to Promote a Fashion Future and a Future for All

Words by Bethanie Ashton for O2 Monde

While a closet of cotton prairie dresses and baby lace puffed sleeves remain a safe-bet favorite, (there is always a place for the timeless provincial), stylists have begun to raise a curious eyebrow to the origins of their go-to threads… and it’s no longer driven by client requests.

The industry has surely begun to evolve, with a growing demand for regenerative agricultural methods, plant based dyes and recycling of the thick crust of plastic that coats a layer of our prehistorically green earth.

Spokespersons and brave activists raised public concern and fought for our environment long before it became mainstream knowledge that our planet was dying. Environmentalists such as Emma Watson (UN Women Ambassador, British actress best known for her role in the Harry Potter saga), Greta Thunberg (Swedish schoolgirl and UN guest speaker), Livia Firth (formerly married to British actor, Colin Firth; founder of Eco Age and the Green Carpet Fashion Awards held in Milan) and the late Wangari Maathai (former social, environmental and political activist; the first African woman to receive a Nobel Peace Prize) created a domino effect in how you and I, and indeed our personal stylists (and those we follow for trend advice), consider fashion (and its waste).

Read on to find more about our list of image-makers who support an environmental shift in the ‘marketplace’ of style...