Image of O2 Monde Asha sneakers and Celia and Makoma heels

Featured cover story article by Planet Fashion

Sustainable design is going strong in Italy and things will never be the same. 

Planet Fashion produces Sustainable New York Fashion Week. Sustainability has always been a passion for us but the style quotient in sustainable apparel can really be lacking. All of that is starting to change. 

Bottega Veneta’s former Accessories Director Mirco Scoccia, recently launched a shoe line called O2 Monde. The “O2” part of the name is a reference to oxygen and “Monde” means world. Essentially a recognition of the planet is the brand’s name. But don’t expect some earthy, “granola” line here, these shoes are exactly what a fashionista wants.

The trend for elegant sustainable fashion has been growing. High fashion has made sustainable apparel a priority. Recently luxury house Hèrmes increased their investment in Mushroom Leather and lab grown alternatives for their coveted accessories. 

The designer, Mirco Scoccia, founded O2 Monde out of a love for art and design, but with a desire to protect the environment and the world we live in. Born in Fermo, Italy, Mirco grew up in his father’s shoe factory, learning from a young age about the business, patterns and cuts. His passion, talent and drive led him to design for some of the most iconic brands such as Bottega Veneta, Tory Burch, and Cole Haan. Today he is dedicated to creating a lifestyle brand that gives consumers an option to choose luxury, sustainable products that help protect our collective future.

Replacing animal hides and synthetic plastics with supple plant-based "skins", Scoccia is creating a refreshing new sustainable shoe line. We can indulge in guilt-free luxury footwear as well as collectible items – the packaging is made from old Celine paper goods!

In addition, for each pair of shoes purchased, this sustainable shoe brand will donate 1% of its profits to 1% For The Planet to offset its environmental impact.