One Shoe, Endless Opportunities

As we’re entering a new roaring ‘20s (where rumor has it that quarantine killed fashion), we look to versatility in style and unexpectedness in color, as we slowly begin to replace stay-at-home loungewear with attire that takes us from that first morning cup of coffee to that last after-work drink.

What better way pull off such a feat than with the shoe of the Summer; the sneaker?

5 Ways to Style the Sneaker


Dress them up with a midi-length skirt. Featuring our Laurie sneaker by @ekammeyer

Golden shoes and a classic black bathing suit for an afternoon by the beach. Featuring our Greta slip-on with woven upper and vegan metallic pineapple leather.

Pull off a cool and casual look by pairing them with denim jeans and faux-leather jacket. Featuring our Laurie sneaker as seen on @melissacuc

Head-to-toe in a sleek, all-black look is a no-brainer with neutral-colored sneakers. As seen on @rachelgregson

Silky dress and sneakers. A love match. Our Shalvi slip-on as seen on @fernpalmer

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