O2 Monde x The Luxury Podcast on Leading the Sustainable Footwear Revolution

Sustainability is a concept that every industry is looking at very closely, with the aim of creating the best possible product that is also good for the environment.

In conversation with Arpan Gosh at The Luxury Podcast, O2 Monde Founder Mirco Scoccia, talks about his love of shoe design, his experience in the industry and what led him to create his own vegan shoe brand. 

Check out S3 Episode 17 at the Luxury Podcast, which covers:

  • Mirco's background in shoe design, starting from his childhood in Italy;
  • His experience working with brands like Bottega Veneta, Tory Burch and Cole Haan, among others;
  • What led to the formation of O2 Monde, and what the brand represents;
  • The intricacies and the challenges involved in vegan, sustainable shoe design;
  • Mirco's design philosophy;
  • What we can expect from O2 Monde in the future...The Luxury Podcast

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We hope you enjoyed the episode!