O2 Monde  - Forever Grateful

Happy Thanksgiving, tis the season for gratitude, and O2 Monde is eternally grateful for your love and support and counts all of you in our many blessings. We’re also so thankful to see more of you choose to support independently owned, sustainable, cruelty-free businesses and the work we dedicate to cherishing and protecting our planet and the people in it. It’s truly heartwarming to see consciousness growing and you as consumers not only expecting more but demanding more from the brands you support. It is the only way to create real change in the luxury accessories industry, and hopefully, sustainable, non-toxic fashion will soon be the norm.

During this busy shopping season, O2 Monde asks for your continued support of Ethical Consumerism and the slow fashion industry and community we take part in. Profit margins are typically much smaller due to high-caliber craftsmanship, materials, and fair wages, and our Italian luxury shoe collections are made in limited numbers to reduce waste.

That is also why O2 Monde does not offer discounts and holiday sales that tend to encourage overconsumption and waste, which is contradictory to what we and the slow fashion industry stand for. We make a conscious and deliberate choice not to participate. 

Thank you for supporting sustainable, ethical, and environmental values when shopping this season and being a conscious consumer with O2 Monde! 

We encourage you to take part in the global movement of Giving Tuesday, which serves as a great reminder to get involved in causes you hold dear. 

May your Thanksgiving be full of joy and many blessings!!!