O2 Monde Early Access to Fall Winter 2022/23

Early access to our Fall Winter 2022/23 collection is a continued study on how to balance honoring nature and enviable design. This season’s anthology of footwear derives its inspiration from celestial beings of old, when societies worshiped personifications of nature. It is with this intention that each style is crafted, as both a literal interpretation of these deities, as well as an offering to their divine wisdom. 

Diving into the religious texts from Norse, Greek and Sumerian mythology and beyond, revealed the commonality across ancient creeds and nations to worship the earth in all her forms. The various mountain spirits are acknowledged in the collection with rugged lug soles. Elsewhere, gods of the ocean are denoted with waves of vegan shearling. Goddesses of the earth and forest are honored with sustainably sourced vegan leathers and recycled polyester with minimal environmental impact.

The color palette is dominated by shades and hues found in nature. Olive greens and cinnamon browns paint the comforting foreground of the collection, while cool greys mimic the mountains. Throughout the collection, gilded hardware and quilted metallic vegan leathers pay homage to the richly decorated altars of these ancient beings.

Mixing comfort and design with forward-thinking materials is vital to achieving an environmentally-conscious and modern wardrobe. Moon boots crafted in cactus-derived leather and knit slippers in vegan cashmere have become shelters from catatonic weather conditions. As a result of embracing the spirits of nature through ethical-materials, these cozy styles end up embracing your feet with ultra-warm vegan shearling and recycled quilting. 

It is through recalling these ancient deities of nature that revealed our own modern day hubris. That a shoe can be more than just a shoe; it can be a conversation that we have with nature and society. Through our innovative materials, we can outfit our wardrobes with sustainably-minded and cruelty-free essentials and statement-making footwear. This collection is a culmination of substance and style, without sacrificing our morals or our desire for newness. With that in mind, these styles are meant to capture a moment in our history and will be made with a limited number of units for a limited time to ensure that there isn’t over production.