O2 Monde Campaign in Costa Rica by Ricardo Beas

Ricardo Beas, an accomplished photographer, loves to make art and truly is extraordinary. His gift of intuitively judging what will make an incredible and meaningful photograph is awe-inspiring. O2 Monde recognized he was just the person who could take our vision and make it a reality. With his discerning eye, focus, perception, and sensitivity to subtle shades and tones, Ricardo shot our first campaign in Costa Rica. 

Ricardo's body of work is impressive and it can be difficult to narrow Ricardo’s photographic style down to exact specifics, as he continually adapts his style to reflect what he is trying to capture through his lens, and the wants of his clients. His current style is light and moody and he enjoys trying new and different things to discover something transcending and unexpected. Ricardo's portfolio has a wide range of subjects, and he wants you to see something different in each of them, but also familiar in his way and style. 

Photography was initially not in the cards for Ricardo Beas, but from the minute he picked up a camera in high school, he was hooked and knew he found his purpose. He started off by taking jobs and photography classes in college to learn the basics. Eventually becoming more invested in his craft, Ricardo started to assist photographers, knowing the best way to learn was to be hands-on. Once taken by the art of photography, it was only natural for Ricardo to study and find inspiration from great photographers such as Irving Penn and Richard Avedon have helped form his foundation of what it means to take a great photo. He also looks to new and upcoming photographers such as Leslie Zhang JiaCheng who likes to mix it up with colors, lights, and shapes. In the end, Ricardo trusts what feels good and is exciting to him when he is working. His dedication and investment in his craft allowed him to turned his part-time hobby into a lucrative career. He also notes that it takes an incredible team to help bring his visions to reality, and that assembling “the right” team together of models, stylists, hair and makeup artists, and location plays a large part in the success of a shoot.  

Ricardo attributes his success to his passion and dedication to working hard. He is always setting new goals for himself. A dream assignment for Ricardo in the future would be to shoot in Iceland or an ad for Calvin Klein and have it plastered on a billboard in SOHO. 

Grazie Mille Ricardo for the stunning photos and capturing the true essence and beauty of O2 Monde!!