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By FN Staff

Shoe brands are getting the memo: Environmental consciousness matters.

Sustainability has become something of a buzzword in the fashion space in recent years, with millennials and Generation Zers, in particular, choosing to shop brands with eco-friendly bents —  and in some cases, even ponying up extra cash to support environmentally conscious labels. In the past few years, shoe brands are coming up with new ways to reduce their carbon footprint and utilize new sustainably sourced materials...

Emerging luxury brands like O2 Monde are marrying sustainability and craft as a selling point for high-end shoes. Founded by design veteran Mirco Scoccia, the sustainable shoe brand released its first models in 2021 ranging from $268-$398. Made from textiles such as Freska, a mixture of corn and cereal, Pinatex, from pineapple and Vitigna, a leather-like material derived from grape skins, the line of women’s shoes ranges from chic heels to comfortable flats and sneakers. Each model is crafted in Italy and was named after a powerful woman who has made a positive environmental impact, including The Greta, a slip-on inspired by youth climate activist, Greta Thunberg.

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