Get 10% off on your first order with us - Use the code FIRSTORDER at checkout!

Get 10% off on your first order with us - Use the code FIRSTORDER at checkout!

Get 10% off on your first order with us - Use the code FIRSTORDER at checkout!

3 Sustainable Fashion Tips for an Eco-Friendly and Ethical Wardrobe

Fifty-one years ago on April 22nd, 1970, the first Earth Day took place with the participation of 20 million Americans – which was the catalyst for environmental action across the United States and eventually worldwide.

Today more than ever, there are many different options to support this movement for Earth’s protection. One of those ways is with our clothing and fashion choices; that includes shoes, too! Join us in celebrating our recent successes with innovative solutions for a sustainable future.

Follow these three simple yet effective tips to make your wardrobe more eco-friendly and ethical.

1. Change Your Attitude Towards Fashion

Before you buy ask yourself: “Do I need it?” or “Will it really change my perception of myself and bolster my self-esteem?” Change how you think about fashion. Fast-fashion companies use marketing strategies to make you feel like you need to buy something new and that you should feel ashamed to wear the same thing twice. Ignore these feelings! They are increasingly using greenwashing strategies to make it seem like they care about sustainability. By only buying the items we need, we’re also minimizing waste and doing our little part to be more conscious, and less wasteful of our resources.

2. Choose Eco-Friendly and Cruelty-Free Materials

Eco-friendly and plant-based materials are safe for the environment and the people, either recycled or biodegradable. Switching to cruelty-free opens your eyes to products that are healthier for you. Many mainstream products are full of harsh or toxic chemicals that do nothing good for your body. Keep animals suffering out of your shopping cart. 

3. High Quality Over High Quantity 

Buy less, buy better. We believe in creating fewer, well-made pieces that will last a long time versus mass-producing cheap products that fall apart after a short time, which adds to the overall waste. Consider what impact this garment is having on the world. Rather than green-washed brands who throw around the word 'sustainable' but produce so much they have to go to sale every other week. Instead, consider shopping from more ethical brands who openly share the details of their supply chain and are transparent about how they source their materials, how they treat their workers and if they use animal products in the manufacturing of their products.


O2 Monde has been celebrating Earth Day every day since the start in order to change the fashion system and make plant-based and vegan accessories that have a positive impact on the environment. Here are some of the materials we have been using in our collection: @pinatex from pineapple leaves, bio-based cereal lining, vegan leather combining recycled polyester from water bottles and bio-polys derived from plants, wine leather from wine industry waste and 100% recyclable soles. Our shoe boxes are made from old Celine’s upcycled paper goods and we do not wrap shoes in plastic. Additionally, we only ship in recycled cardboard boxes. We are also committing to a clean and transparent manufacturing process, with dedication to craftsmanship and cause in equal measure.

For each pair of shoes sold, O2 Monde will donate 1 percent of profits to One Percent for the Planet to offset its environment impact.


"Together, we can Restore Our Earth™" — and we couldn’t agree more.