[ARCHIVE] Materials

Like the element from which we take our name, our vegan materials and their manufacturing processes are clean and transparent, with a dedication to craftsmanship and cause in equal measure. Each is directly sourced from the world’s most innovative bio-fabric manufactures, who just happen to be Italian. Like us, these partners continuously seek and create ever-better alternatives, with the highest percentage of renewable plant material possible.

We also use 100% of every skin (whereas traditional leather shoes use only a percentage of a hide, due to natural imperfections). Further, our cutting scraps are captured and recycled, and skin finishing is minimal because plant-based materials are naturally perfect.

Collectively, we are not yet perfect, but we’re always improving.


This supple, sustainable vegan leather combines recycled polyester reclaimed from water bottles with signature Veg technology. The latter comprises bio-polyols, which are safely derived from plants without robbing consumable resources from farms or animals. Manufacturer stats confirm that BioVeg reduces energy consumption from non-renewable resources by 44%, diminishes its carbon footprint by 15% and contains more than 50% bio content, derived from renewable sources. Additionally, the energy employed during the coating process comes from renewable sources.


This supple, durable, resistant vegan leather is fabricated from felted pineapple-leaf fibers and PLA, a bio-plastic sourced from renewable resources. Because pineapple leaves are traditionally discarded or burned, the closed-loop fabric’s source material requires no additional land, water, pesticides or fertilizers. It also provides rural pineapple famers with additional income and leftover biomass, produced by the separation process, which can be employed as fertilizer. Further, Pinatex dyes are GOTS certified and its resins comply with AFIRM standards.


Our insoles are crafted from Freska, a pioneering vegan lining made of corn and cereal, with minimal solvent residue levels. As functional as it is sustainable, Freska is extremely breathable, absorbent and resistant for enhanced comfort. It is also self-molding and is more than 60% lighter than a traditional leather insole of equal thickness.


Our outsoles are fabricated with Thunit, a flexible, durable, abrasion- and water-resistant vegan fabric made without hazardous or harmful substances, that the manufacturer defines as 100% recyclable. Moreover, its environmentally rigorous manufacturing process includes the recapture and depigmentation of water waste.