Clothing Is Not Garbage

New Yorkers throw out an obscene amount of clothing each year.

In fact, nearly 200,000 tons of textile material is tossed into New York City according to That's 6 percent of the city’s waste stream.

Instead of throwing textiles away, by either donating or recycling them, New York can be kept clean and fashionable. This week we’d like to introduce you to SCRAP, a NYC-based company whose mission is to help save the planet by collecting unwanted clothes.

Founded by CEO Patrick Metellus, an avid contributor of charity and community work and his partner, Paloma, who has experience working for Victoria’s Secret, Kate Spade, and Barneys New York, gaining firsthand insights into the behind-the-scenes of the fashion industry. At SCRAP they aim to scale their vision for a circular fashion economy and shift the industry toward a more transparent and sustainable future. They do so by providing an actionable and transparent clothing donation option for one of the largest fashion capitals of the world.

In fact, clothing donations made to SCRAP are sent to their recycling partners for sorting and processing. While some of the clothing will be reused through donation or sale, some recyclable items are placed back into the production cycle as textiles for new clothing. The small portion of donations unfit for recycling will end up used as stuffing or insulation.

Our new arrivals include many styles made with recycled materials

As transparency is at the foundation of SCRAP, they want to make sure that all collected clothes and accessories which are donated, end up in good hands, whether that be of recycling or redistribution partner.

So, if you live in the NYC area, let’s get started and schedule a pickup here.

And for who are not around, please don’t forget that O2 Monde and SCRAP have partnered in a giveaway to raise awareness about the importance of recycling. You can enter it for a chance to win $300 towards your next purchase of a sustainably-made pair of O2 Monde shoes. The giveaway will end soon, so don’t wait and enter here!